e5 Workflow Helps Clients
Manage High Volume Workloads



Improve SLAs, Reduces Costs, and Eliminates Backlog.

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How much is lack of control and poor visibility of increasing workload costing you?


    Are you losing customers due to poor SLA achievement?

    Are you experiencing increased staffing costs?

    Do your current systems create a risk of regulatory non-compliance?

    Effectively Manage High Volume Workloads


    Core Operational
    Process Insights

    Establish ongoing process metrics and process health insights

    Reduce process bottlenecks and optimize processes

    Provide resource forecasting and improve productivity & work quality

    Greater Throughput
    & Ability to Scale

    Priority processing – work matched and delivered to the right resources

    Utilising RPA bots to automate processing activities

    “Get-next” automated work distribution optimises operational efficiency

    Deliver Improved
    Customer Service

    Consistent Service-Level Agreement performance and quality service

    Leverage prioritised processing to prevent backlogs

    Maintain stable workload throughput and enable process consistency

    Trusted for Over 29 Years

    3 Ways to Improve Customer Satisfaction with Reduced Cost


    1. Explore

    Schedule a live demonstration of e5 Workflow to discover the improvement potential for managing high volume workloads.

    2. Plan

    We conduct an evaluation of business processes, communications, identify ROI, and set priorities, then develop and review customized plan together.

    3. Experience

    We implement the selected solution, provide training and ongoing support, delivering improved customer service with reduced costs.


    The Priority Processing Experts You Can Trust

    Many managers are expected to cope with increasing workloads and a shrinking workforce, so we created a configurable workflow platform, with industry templates, to help clients manage high volume and consistently deliver 30% increased productivity. This brings our clients visible service level control leading to improved customer service with reduced backlog and costs.