e5 Workflow

Built for Business

The Value of e5


Business Operations

Quickly implement transformational new methods of operation to improve performance, enhance service delivery and maximize ROI.


Business Systems

Adopt a process-based approach to modernizing existing LOB systems to extend their current functions and enable new value creation.


Business Adaptability

Utilize process modeling tools & frameworks to quickly and easily respond to changing business conditions and secure competitive advantage.


Business Visibility

Leverage real-time dashboards, reporting and process analysis capabilities to achieve greater visibility and control of your business.


Business Productivity

Automate activity flows and streamline work distribution to optimize employee productivity, improve work quality and eliminate wasted effort.

Key e5 Capabilities

e5 Solutions

Financial Services

Adapt quickly to changing market conditions while improving control and visibility into essential financial service processes.


Drive growth and competitive differentiation through improved process efficiencies and fast, high quality customer service.


Automate processes across the healthcare value chain to maximize resource utilization, reduce risk and accelerate revenue cycles.


Streamline government processes to reduce cost and achieve regulatory compliance while optimizing service delivery to constituents.

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