5 Reasons why you should update to Microsoft SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013
Microsoft SharePoint as you must know, is a collaboration platform for customised web services. It started with primary focus on Document Management within an enterprise though it is remarkable to see how far it has come today and provides not only a stout solution as Document Management System but even used as a collaboration tool by businesses. Its greatest asset lies in its ability to flawlessly integrate with different Microsoft products like Office 365, OneDrive, Outlook etc.
Microsoft SharePoint 2013 is shaped upon SharePoint 2007 and 2010 in order to support big data, web and mobile users. Businesses often face a problem when they have to choose the best alternative among cloud or server based versions of Microsoft SharePoint 2013.
Here we list down 5 important factors to keep in mind when choosing the latest SharePoint version:
Improved Branding
In the previous versions of SharePoint, it was an uphill task including designer assets, style sheets and confusing packaging has now been made a lot easier. With SharePoint 2013, a web designer with efficient knowledge in HTML, CSS and JavaScript can brand a SharePoint site moreover create a good looking public facing website in half the time. It allows businesses to reduce internal support expense and use SharePoint for public facing websites.
Better public-facing website hosting
It was a major task to host a public facing website (for example http://e5workflow.com/) on SharePoint. Hosting the same website on 2010 version was obviously better than that on 2007, though is lacked some key features. This is where SharePoint 2013 comes in as it possess the capabilities to serve up pages to devices like mobiles, desktop and tablets based on certain characteristics. It also includes several features to automatically improve the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by providing perfect URLs, XML sitemaps and help for robot.txt to make your website visible to search engine crawlers.
Efficient Mobile support
As we all know, mobile devices are our life support system nowadays. According to an estimate, 80% internet users access through their smartphones or tablets. So, it was high time that Microsoft come up with an enhanced experience for mobile devices than in the prior versions of SharePoint. Microsoft has added support for Push notifications, location services and there is an HTML5 coded view known as “contemporary” for instant access to iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows mobile devices.
Migration to latest version
It is always difficult to migrate your existing system to a new setup, no matter how good it is and sometimes you end up in a mess thinking that the latest version is not what you thought would be. Microsoft has made it impossible for businesses to move to SharePoint 2013 until and unless you are already using SharePoint 2010, or there are news about some third party tools in market. This does not go down well with businesses still operating SharePoint 2007 or have advanced to SharePoint 2010 recently.
Two options to choose from
Microsoft is providing two options for SharePoint 2013: SharePoint Server, which is to be installed in your datacentre (similar to previous versions) and of course Office 365, which is hosted on the cloud. There are features and capabilities that overlap but Microsoft is hoping to meet all common requirements of the customers. It is really important for a business to choose a viable option among the two as Microsoft has announced that they will continue to update both versions in the future.
The business has to consider all the pros and cons of both the options and even if they decide to choose a hybrid option. It is difficult to manage both and keep them updated. SharePoint is like a skeleton for many businesses whose product depends on it, so Microsoft should take care when there is an update to an existing version.