Trekking with confidence

Charlie paused for a second as he stepped outside his apartment in Richmond, the same thought that stops us all as we leave home for an extended period of time, “have I got everything, phone, passport, wallet, tickets ….. did I switch off the stove?”. Once convinced, Charlie headed of on his South American adventure, not realising that 12 days later he would be back in Melbourne with his leg in a cast at the Alfred Hospital. The pain of breaking his fibula when he hopped off the moving truck in Salta still a fresh memory,

Making the BPM case

All small and large organizations can benefit from improvement in improved customer satisfaction, increased efficiency with reduced costs in existing applications and processes, more employee satisfaction and transparent system of activities in the organization. If this is your case, then e5 Workflow Inc.’s business process solutions can help you achieve a set of product/services which provides a workflow structure to information and employees in order to streamline processes and improvement of performance.

Walking in their shoes

Customer experience is the key to ultimate success of an organization and enterprises have increased their expenditure in the last few years in order to help their customers align with the systems within the organization for example the teams that communicate with the customers directly whether it is sales, after-sales or customer service department.