e5 Workflow

Built for Business

e5 understands that companies across every industry are under constant pressure to transform the way they work to reduce costs, improve operating efficiency and delivery greater value to their customers. We built the e5 Workflow platform to help you achieve that transformation through process-based solutions that fully leverage existing line-of-business systems and applications while enabling new innovations that can drive your business forward.

e5 solutions have been successfully implemented in a wide range of industries, with many customers realizing over 50% improvements in worker productivity and SLA compliance. Whether you’re looking for industry or domain-specific solutions like those listed below or face other business optimization challenges, you can trust e5 to provide the process management, monitoring and analytical tools required to enable best-in-class process solutions for your business both today and in the future.

Banking & Finance Solutions

• Account Opening
• Account Servicing
• Customer Service
• Loan Origination
• Loan Servicing

Healthcare Solutions

• Denial of Claims
• Enrolment Processing
• Patient Services
• Payer & Provider Services
• Revenue Cycle Management

Insurance Solutions

• Application Processing
• Business Underwriting
• Claims Processing
• Policy Administration
• Policyholder Services

Government Solutions

• Citizen Services
• Correspondence Management
• Emergency Response
• Licensing & Permitting
• Pension Services

Manufacturing Solutions

• Contract Management
• Customs Management
• Defect Resolution
• Supplier Services
• Vendor Management

Energy & Utilities Solutions

• Change Notifications
• Compliance Management
• Correspondence Management
• Facilities Maintenance
• Job Requisitions