Certive Solutions Inc. (CSE: CBP) and e5 Workflow, Inc. Announce Strategic Technology Partnership

Scottsdale, Arizona – The Board of Directors and Management of Certive Solutions Inc. (the “Company or Certive”) and e5 Workflow Inc. (“e5 Workflow”) are pleased to announce a strategic relationship to develop unique workflow solutions for Certive. Certive’s solutions will be based on e5 Workflow’s proprietary LEAN thinking principles, delivered in a dashboard format incorporating intuitive mapping process software and will be targeted at the U.S. hospital market, specifically Certive’s focus on revenue lifecycle and recovery of denied insurance claims. These workflow solutions will enable Certive to achieve significantly greater capture rates on denied claims for its customers and hence greater revenue share with hospitals. The collaboration will be an ongoing process of improving the use of this software technology in the provision of Certive’s cloud solutions to its customers throughout the United States. e5’s Adaptive Business Workflow is particularly applicable to medical claims processing and medical billing, where the people process requires constant monitoring and improvement.
The enactment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) of 2010 is just beginning to affect the way healthcare organizations, such as U.S. hospitals operate. Significant focus on efficiency, forming collaborative health delivery models, and investing in lowcost, high-value technology solutions will be a key driver to ensuring hospital viability. e5 Workflow tools optimize people, processes, existing systems, data, documents, policies, and protocols. Certive’s objective, being to maximize recovery of insurance claims denied to hospital providers, will utilize e5 to analyze internal hospital processes thus improving, automating and controlling the re-engineered tasks, work, and processes for tomorrow.
e5’s platform is currently being used by 20 of the 25 healthcare payers in Australia and has significant credentialed depth in medical claims processing, medical billing, medical records and patient accounting and billing records, making the platform an ideal tool for Certive as new opportunities to improve financial performance become vital to hospital administration.
In the collaboration, e5 will develop workflow tools targeted at unique aspects of hospital revenue cycle management. Certive will own the rights to all solutions developed within the collaboration. The e5 platform will be the basis for all workflow tool development and accordingly, e5 will be compensated on commercial terms for the development work undertaken and periodic license payment as required to support the use of the platform within each workflow solution.
Certive recently announced its intention to acquire the assets of Titan Health Management Solutions, Inc. (“Titan”). Titan specializes in partnering with hospitals to enhance their revenue cycle management. The collaboration between Certive and e5 Workflow recently commenced with a detailed analysis of Titan’s workflow process and the data requirements to build a scalable and expandable workflow tool for use in denied claims management and revenue recovery. The goal objective is to design workflow processes that facilitate rapid scaling of Titan’s established presence in the denied claims recovery market.
Tony Mudie, President of e5 Workflow, stated that “the strategic partnership with Certive provides e5 with immediate access to the U.S. hospital market, a key segment for us. Insofar as we have a strong presence in healthcare in Australia and have developed medical billing workflow solutions in that market, we were seeking a viable entry into the U.S. market and this relationship provides that opportunity.”

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