e5 Insurance Claims Solution

Insurer optimizes claims handling by remote workers to improve service levels.


Business Situation

Our client had a number of home based insurance claims assessors with access to their core line of business system. Each day a courier bag containing a number of new claims was delivered to each of the home workers. At the same time the bag from the previous day was fetched and returned to the main office for re-sorting of all incomplete claim assessments or work that couldn’t be finished in the previous day. These highly skilled claims assessors were productive and very well trained in assessing complex claims. They had the benefit of continuing working while looking after a young family. However the system was costly and inefficient. The process of sending documents out to home workers prevented enquiries being answered by the contact centre in real time.
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e5 Solution

The answer was to implement e5 Imaging for all paper forms and e5 Automated Work Allocation for real time work distribution. e5 Automated Work Allocation only delivers the single most important piece of work to be done next, so there is never any risk of a large batch of work being allocated and remaining incomplete and overdue. e5 Productivity Reporting and e5 Quality Assurance systems are used to help overcome the problem of managing remote workers.
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Key Benefits

What made this a great project is that management can now change how remote workers are managed. e5 provides visibility of workload and worker performance. The outcome was so successful that all the claims assessors from this division became home workers with a significant increase in productivity and a far better ability to look after their young families. With e5, all documents, emails and faxes are captured and indexed up front. The contact centre can at any time search for and find a document, identify where it is in the process and respond to a member query immediately. Our client quickly determined that bringing the remote workers together for training and to review current work practises from time to time helps to preserve the team spirit.