e5 Medical Billing Solution

rml-logoRML realizes a 50% productivity improvement in medical billing with e5.


Business Situation

The billing department at Regional Medical Laboratory, a nationally-renowned commercial pathology laboratory, was using paper requisitions to generate bills. This process, and the amount of paper moving around the facility, resulted in lost and misplaced requisitions, and provided no concrete method to accurately count daily volumes and track work. There was also no way to measure the efficiency of the department or the productivity level of individual billing representatives. Lost and misplaced documents also potentially resulted in lost revenues.
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e5 Solution

With e5, each lab scans the requisition (each containing a barcode) into the workflow system and based on the type of requisition, barcode information, and other contents, e5 routes and prioritizes the digital requisition to the appropriate billing representative’s work queue. The billing rep accesses the digital requisition in their queue for viewing and inputs the billing information from the requisition into the laboratory’s billing system. Ultimately, requisitions are stored in an OptiMaxx electronic document storage system for secured access.
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Key Benefits

When implemented, RML had a 72-hour billing service level agreement (SLA), with the timeline starting from the time the physician saw the patient. Within the first six months, the SLA was brought down to 48 hours, and today stands at 24 hours – a 66% improvement. The improvement in SLA was directly attributed to RML’s ability to optimize work by measuring both volumes and time to process. When e5 was first implemented, a billing representative processed 162 requisitions per eight-hour shift – approximately one requisition every three minutes. Today, a billing representative can process 243 requisitions per eight-hour shift – approximately one requisition every two minutes – a 50% productivity improvement!