e5 Payroll Processing Solution

Financial department eliminates payroll forms to “go green.”


Business Situation

In 2008, this leading provider of diagnostic testing services launched a program to identify and execute ‘green initiates’ across the company. As part of this program, the corporate payroll department wanted to eliminate all payroll-related paper forms.
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e5 Solution

Working with an e5 partner, this organization deployed a solution built on Microsoft® SharePoint® and e5 Workflow. Coupled with the organization’s line of business applications, this solution has eliminated almost all of payroll-related paper forms. The solution reads electronically faxed documents using optical character recognition (OCR), identifies the type of document and its contents (including the pay group, employee ID, etc.,) and distributes the electronic documents to the appropriate payroll staff member. Payroll administrators can view and process the documents online and when completed, file them in the electronic document storage system for secured access.
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Key Benefits

Implemented in late 2011, the e5 solution has eliminated 350,000 or 99% of paper documents. This speeds up processing times and eliminates days wasted waiting for documents to be mailed or sent via Federal Express. In addition, Federal Express costs have been eliminated and storage costs have been significantly reduced since only a few paper documents now need to be warehoused.