e5 Travel Insurance Solution for Cover-More

Case Study – Cover-More

Country/Region – Australia, New Zealand, UK, China and India.
Industry – Travel insurance
Year of Engagement with e5 Workflow Inc. – 2009

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Client Profile

Cover-More has been caring for the health, safety and wellbeing of Australian travellers since 1986. Travel insurance and emergency assistance are our speciality and sole focus. Helping Australians in their time of need through expert repatriation and aeromedical provision, as well as providing peace of mind and reassurance for even the most basic travel hiccup is what we do, every day.
The staggering numbers speak for themselves as more than 2.2 million customers signed up for travel insurance in 2015, the company handled more than 400,000 assistance calls and managed evacuations for about 400 travellers.
Cover-More has a strong focus on customer service and support to customers around the world and we are proud of this service.
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Business Situation

Before shifting to e5 Workflow, the claims team at Cover-More was using paper based claim files where all documentation related to a claim was centralised into a single paper folder. One major issue with this system was the necessity of having to attach hard copies of all client correspondence (emails {both in and outbound} and additional information received) to the paper file.
In addition, all claims related notes entered into the core claims system had to be ‘repeat’ hand written into the claim file. Payment signatories and audits were all done by combing through a physical file.
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Issues faced by Cover-More

We spoke with Graeme Stemmett, Technical Operations Manager Australia & Asia at Cover-More to gain more knowledge about the initial issues faced by the company. He said

“Previous processes were out-dated and inefficient. There were also cost factors such as printing and off-site storage expenses. On top of that there was also a large environmental cost of using so much paper. When dealing with thousands of claim files, it was a problem trying to correctly track and locate files. We were unable to maintain a consistent order of receipt of documentation if it was not chronologically sorted in the paper files and different assessment styles would often result in documents being placed back into the file in different order”.

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How Cover-More tried to tackle before coming to e5?

The Cover-More team tried to manage the situation by tweaking the filing and tracking system, but it was never a permanent solution given the large volumes of claims being worked on and stored in the office. Storing all the vital information on paper for internal and external auditing was a huge task and the risk involved had to be dealt with – then e5 stepped in.
e5 Workflow Inc. worked on version 2.0 which covered only Australia and recently version 3.0 was compiled and has been used by Cover-More for more than a month now. The goal of version 3.0 upgrade was to make a streamlined system for all regions. In a short span of 8 months e5 Workflow managed to hand over the upgraded version without any issues.
All this was possible due to the dedication and channelled hard work of the combined team. The V3 upgrade included updated and newly created taxonomies as well as a critical data migration piece. It was of utmost importance to migrate old work items to the new system to ensure business continuity in one version of the application.
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Benefits of e5 Workflow’s solution? 

  • Effectiveness: No more duplication of work which leads to a faster claims turn around.
  • Cost reduction: Reduction in printing, storage and document retrieval costs
  • Efficiency: The process flows introduced a ‘forced’ consistency in claims assessment, benefiting the business and customers. Case officers as well as other claims support staff, could more easily navigate to and chronologically through the claim
  • Accessibility of ALL information: A call centre agent can now see all information (including notes) on a claim now that it’s in e5, as opposed to no information when the claim was paper based which lead to better customer service
  • Security: Better business continuity in the event of a disaster where our claims data isn’t at risk of physically perishing (all e5 data backed up to an external site). Impossible for a file to be misplaced
  • Centralisation: all documents related to a claim could now be found in one place. In addition, the history and vital notes are also centralised and always legible
  • Flexibility: We are now able to access our claims from any geographical location, which allows us to afford some staff the flexibility of working remotely, plus the option of us using other regions to assist any BU if needed in the future

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The Goal

Fast processing of claims at reduced costs. 

The Results

Cover-More now processes claims faster at a reduced cost and with greater data security.

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About e5 Workflow:

e5 Workflow is an innovator and enabler of process-based solutions that are Built for Business. With capabilities for Document Processing, Dynamic Case Handling and Work Management, e5 provides a singular platform for building new and extended process solutions while fully leveraging existing LOB systems and applications. Using e5 Workflow, our customers can quickly transform their business interaction, transaction and service delivery processes to get work done faster, better & cheaper.