e5 Travel Insurance Solution

Travel insurer improves service via paperless claims assessment.


Business Situation

Our client is a typical travel insurance company. Claims and claim attachments range from relatively simple one-touch processes to very complex medical and travel disruption claims. All claims were sorted into claim type, stacked in plastic boxes and delivered to the claims supervisors for sorting and distribution to the individual claims assessors. The claims supervisor had to constantly monitor in-trays to try to meet service levels. Real time enquiry by the contact centre was impossible until the claim was processed in the main system.
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e5 Solution

Most of the mailroom functions are now outsourced to a large scanning bureau. All inbound claims-related mail is scanned, classified into the e5 work types and delivered into the e5 solution electronically. All incoming emails are automatically captured from Microsoft Exchange server and delivered into the e5 solution ready for processing. Using the e5 Automated Work Allocation capability the work is put into queues ready to be allocated to the next available worker with the correct skills to complete it. When a worker completes each item of work, the next most important item appears ready for them to process. e5 SLA Monitors show supervisors and management the distribution of workloads across the business and whether any area is close to or exceeding agreed service levels. e5 Workflow ensures compliance is met as no work can be completed without following the prescribed processes.
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Key Benefits

Supervisors and management can see at any moment the volume of work in each area of the business. They can redistribute work instantly to utilise staff available, whether in the office or remotely. Anticipated staffing levels can be estimated using graphical monitors. As all work is in electronic form, it is available from anywhere, even remotely. Every piece of work remains visible at all times and no work can be lost or remain at the bottom of someone’s in-tray. Workflows ensure compliance is met as no work can be completed without completing the processes required. In addition, e5 provides audit trails and QA systems to ensure that approved processes are followed correctly. All of these benefits result in improved customer service through improved efficiency and instant access to client information.