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Following a successful inaugural e5 Workflow User Group meeting in 2013, we are pleased to provide details of our second User Group gathering which is scheduled for 12 June 2014.

chris-wessel-ctoe5This meeting will provide an opportunity for e5 Workflow users to network, share ideas and learn from the experiences of other e5 Workflow customers. The agenda for this meeting will include a panel discussion moderated by e5 Workflow’s CTO, Chris Wessels.

We are pleased to have on our panel:

  • Margaret Walchi
    IT Manager, IT PHI, ahm
  • Peter Rich
    Business Application Specialist, IT Business Analysis, nib
  • Andrew Partridge
    Business Application Support & Administration Officer, IT Operations, nib


The panel will discuss e5 functionality that provides their businesses with benefits in a range of areas including engaging and retaining Remote Workers and Straight Through Processing (STP).

The second part of the meeting will be an open forum discussion of questions from our clients. Attendees are encouraged to forward any questions/ suggestions/ demos or ideas they would like to see or raise at the meeting to marketing@e5workflow.com prior to the meeting so we can ensure any questions requiring specific members of our team or resources are handled as constructively as possible. Questions can also be raised at the meeting.

When: Thursday 12 June 2014
Where: e5 Workflow Sydney office
Level 9, 1 Alfred St. Sydney
Time: 9:30am for 10am start
Includes light lunch, concluding at 12 midday
RSVP: 9 June 2014


Attendance is by invitation only. If you would like to attend but have not received an invitation, please contact:

Kim Delaney 
HR / Marketing Director

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e5 Travel Insurance Solution http://e5workflow.com/case-studies/e5-travel-insurance-solution/ http://e5workflow.com/case-studies/e5-travel-insurance-solution/#comments Thu, 08 May 2014 07:08:38 +0000 http://e5workflow.com/?p=621 Travel insurer improves service via paperless claims assessment.


Business Situation

Our client is a typical travel insurance company. Claims and claim attachments range from relatively simple one-touch processes to very complex medical and travel disruption claims. All claims were sorted into claim type, stacked in plastic boxes and delivered to the claims supervisors for sorting and distribution to the individual claims assessors. The claims supervisor had to constantly monitor in-trays to try to meet service levels. Real time enquiry by the contact centre was impossible until the claim was processed in the main system.


e5 Solution

Most of the mailroom functions are now outsourced to a large scanning bureau. All inbound claims-related mail is scanned, classified into the e5 work types and delivered into the e5 solution electronically. All incoming emails are automatically captured from Microsoft Exchange server and delivered into the e5 solution ready for processing. Using the e5 Automated Work Allocation capability the work is put into queues ready to be allocated to the next available worker with the correct skills to complete it. When a worker completes each item of work, the next most important item appears ready for them to process. e5 SLA Monitors show supervisors and management the distribution of workloads across the business and whether any area is close to or exceeding agreed service levels. e5 Workflow ensures compliance is met as no work can be completed without following the prescribed processes.


Key Benefits

Supervisors and management can see at any moment the volume of work in each area of the business. They can redistribute work instantly to utilise staff available, whether in the office or remotely. Anticipated staffing levels can be estimated using graphical monitors. As all work is in electronic form, it is available from anywhere, even remotely. Every piece of work remains visible at all times and no work can be lost or remain at the bottom of someone’s in-tray. Workflows ensure compliance is met as no work can be completed without completing the processes required. In addition, e5 provides audit trails and QA systems to ensure that approved processes are followed correctly. All of these benefits result in improved customer service through improved efficiency and instant access to client information.

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e5 Accounts Payable Solution http://e5workflow.com/case-studies/e5-accounts-payable-solution/ http://e5workflow.com/case-studies/e5-accounts-payable-solution/#comments Thu, 08 May 2014 06:42:01 +0000 http://e5workflow.com/?p=615 Companies achieve best-practice invoice & payables processing.


Business Situation

From satisfying supplier demands, to meeting increasingly stringent financial controls and internal margins, much depends on the success and efficiency of the AP team. Technology is changing the way AP departments function. Automation is driving productivity and efficiency, as well as cost reduction. To ensure invoices are promptly paid and mishandling does not compromise hard-earned business relationships, organizations are increasingly depending on the benefits of integrating an AP solution with their back-end enterprise system.


e5 Solution

Using third party scanning software to scan and capture accounts payable documents, along with e5 Work Allocation Management, this solution provides the foundation to achieve “best practice” invoice processing. e5 is a business workflow solution fully integrated with imaging software which provides sophisticated, web-based and email-enabled work distribution, producing a complete audit trail of actions taken. e5 also provides management with a comprehensive view of all active and completed work, the work item status and the performance against pre-defined service levels.

The e5 solution delivers complete end-to-end automation, empowering people, reducing paperwork and providing the necessary tools to manage and track business critical information. Additionally, the solution enables organizations to adopt and adhere to best practice principles in Accounts Payable Automation and enhance corporate governance with the integration to back-end financial systems. Both the imaging software and e5 are enterprise-wide solutions and can be expanded outside the Accounts Payable Department, with the ability to integrate into other line-of-business applications.

Accounts Payable processes are automated and streamlined along the entire invoice lifecycle.

  1. Invoices are captured and digitized at the point of entry, transformed into retrievable information and routed around the organization for approval.
  2. The imaging software classifies, extracts and validates metadata down to the line-item level to ensure the highest data accuracy.
  3. The detection of potential recognition errors in the invoice process helps to significantly reduce risk and ensures that only accurate data is submitted to the Line of Business system.
  4. e5 manages the review, coding and approval process that is required for non-Purchase Order invoices, pre-approved invoices, supplier maintenance, and Purchase Order based invoices that require exception handling for approval.



Key Benefits

e5 provides the following benefits:

  • Minimize keying of data by as much as 75-80%
  • Reduce data entry errors
  • Decrease processing times
  • Increase data integrity and control
  • Eliminate incorrect or duplicate payments
  • Reduce administration overheads
  • Reduce organizational costs and improve effectiveness in handling invoices
  • Save on storage, filing and invoice retrieval costs
  • Increase time to provide better customer services externally and internally
  • Create an opportunity to educate suppliers and internal users on how to adhere to the new business practices – support to streamline AP automation
  • Minimize chasing invoice approvals and authorisations – generate reports within the e5 environment providing all the necessary information
  • Improve visibility of invoices and better cash flow management by providing accurate information on those soft commitments in the organization but outside of the finance system
  • Track and have visibility of invoices – The accounts payable team will know at what stage are all invoices, who the invoices are with and why, and what the exception conditions are, without relying on physical pieces of paper and manual reports
  • Increase staff productivity which enables better internal practices for tasks such as reconciliation at month-end as well as policy & procedures
  • Provide an enterprise platform to further streamline highly repetitive, time sensitive, human touch processes such as :
    • Human Resources – personal files, time sheets, leave forms etc
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Contract Processing
    • OH&S
    • Policies and Procedures
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e5 Case Management Solution http://e5workflow.com/case-studies/e5-case-management-solution/ http://e5workflow.com/case-studies/e5-case-management-solution/#comments Thu, 08 May 2014 06:40:48 +0000 http://e5workflow.com/?p=617 Investment firm configures own case management solution.


Business Situation

e5 Workflow implemented a turnkey case management solution within one area of business at an investment advisory company. Shortly thereafter, this organization saw opportunities for enhancing and using e5 in other areas.


e5 Solution

e5 Workflow implemented a turnkey case management solution within one area of business at an investment advisory company. Shortly thereafter, this organization saw opportunities for enhancing and using e5 in other areas. Documents were scanned and classified and a simple system of checkboxes implemented to ensure workflow management rules were followed. The benefits of e5 were felt immediately. As the solution becomes better understood, additional workflow candidates will be identified and introduced.

This customer developed and implemented this and other solutions in-house by selecting parameters within e5 and tailor the solution to fit other specific business processes. e5 offers training courses on e5 configuration for e5 administrators. The courses are modular and a client can select the e5 areas which are relevant to their business to structure a suitable course.

This client’s administrator completed relevant e5 training modules and was able to enhance the existing stockbroking business area and introduce e5 to several other business areas. e5 end user customers can make these changes themselves provided they follow e5’s rigorous process to first introduce changes via a separate User Acceptance Testing (UAT) system prior to updating the production system.


Key Benefits

Once e5 is implemented in one business area, many clients intuitively see opportunities to use e5 in additional areas of their business. e5 Configuration Training gives clients the ability to enhance and expand their e5 system themselves, without having to call upon e5 Workflow Inc. This reduces implementation costs allowing e5 customers to realize an optimum ROI.

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e5 Payroll Processing Solution http://e5workflow.com/case-studies/e5-payroll-processing-solution/ http://e5workflow.com/case-studies/e5-payroll-processing-solution/#comments Thu, 08 May 2014 06:22:20 +0000 http://e5workflow.com/?p=607 Financial department eliminates payroll forms to “go green.”


Business Situation

In 2008, this leading provider of diagnostic testing services launched a program to identify and execute ‘green initiates’ across the company. As part of this program, the corporate payroll department wanted to eliminate all payroll-related paper forms.


e5 Solution

Working with an e5 partner, this organization deployed a solution built on Microsoft® SharePoint® and e5 Workflow. Coupled with the organization’s line of business applications, this solution has eliminated almost all of payroll-related paper forms. The solution reads electronically faxed documents using optical character recognition (OCR), identifies the type of document and its contents (including the pay group, employee ID, etc.,) and distributes the electronic documents to the appropriate payroll staff member. Payroll administrators can view and process the documents online and when completed, file them in the electronic document storage system for secured access.


Key Benefits

Implemented in late 2011, the e5 solution has eliminated 350,000 or 99% of paper documents. This speeds up processing times and eliminates days wasted waiting for documents to be mailed or sent via Federal Express. In addition, Federal Express costs have been eliminated and storage costs have been significantly reduced since only a few paper documents now need to be warehoused.

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e5 Insurance Claims Solution http://e5workflow.com/case-studies/e5-insurance-claims-solution/ http://e5workflow.com/case-studies/e5-insurance-claims-solution/#comments Thu, 08 May 2014 05:50:54 +0000 http://e5workflow.com/?p=595 Insurer optimizes claims handling by remote workers to improve service levels.


Business Situation

Our client had a number of home based insurance claims assessors with access to their core line of business system. Each day a courier bag containing a number of new claims was delivered to each of the home workers. At the same time the bag from the previous day was fetched and returned to the main office for re-sorting of all incomplete claim assessments or work that couldn’t be finished in the previous day. These highly skilled claims assessors were productive and very well trained in assessing complex claims. They had the benefit of continuing working while looking after a young family. However the system was costly and inefficient. The process of sending documents out to home workers prevented enquiries being answered by the contact centre in real time.


e5 Solution

The answer was to implement e5 Imaging for all paper forms and e5 Automated Work Allocation for real time work distribution. e5 Automated Work Allocation only delivers the single most important piece of work to be done next, so there is never any risk of a large batch of work being allocated and remaining incomplete and overdue. e5 Productivity Reporting and e5 Quality Assurance systems are used to help overcome the problem of managing remote workers.


Key Benefits

What made this a great project is that management can now change how remote workers are managed. e5 provides visibility of workload and worker performance. The outcome was so successful that all the claims assessors from this division became home workers with a significant increase in productivity and a far better ability to look after their young families. With e5, all documents, emails and faxes are captured and indexed up front. The contact centre can at any time search for and find a document, identify where it is in the process and respond to a member query immediately. Our client quickly determined that bringing the remote workers together for training and to review current work practises from time to time helps to preserve the team spirit.

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e5 Medical Billing Solution http://e5workflow.com/case-studies/e5-medical-billing-solution/ http://e5workflow.com/case-studies/e5-medical-billing-solution/#comments Thu, 08 May 2014 05:50:25 +0000 http://e5workflow.com/?p=593 rml-logoRML realizes a 50% productivity improvement in medical billing with e5.


Business Situation

The billing department at Regional Medical Laboratory, a nationally-renowned commercial pathology laboratory, was using paper requisitions to generate bills. This process, and the amount of paper moving around the facility, resulted in lost and misplaced requisitions, and provided no concrete method to accurately count daily volumes and track work. There was also no way to measure the efficiency of the department or the productivity level of individual billing representatives. Lost and misplaced documents also potentially resulted in lost revenues.


e5 Solution

With e5, each lab scans the requisition (each containing a barcode) into the workflow system and based on the type of requisition, barcode information, and other contents, e5 routes and prioritizes the digital requisition to the appropriate billing representative’s work queue. The billing rep accesses the digital requisition in their queue for viewing and inputs the billing information from the requisition into the laboratory’s billing system. Ultimately, requisitions are stored in an OptiMaxx electronic document storage system for secured access.


Key Benefits

When implemented, RML had a 72-hour billing service level agreement (SLA), with the timeline starting from the time the physician saw the patient. Within the first six months, the SLA was brought down to 48 hours, and today stands at 24 hours – a 66% improvement. The improvement in SLA was directly attributed to RML’s ability to optimize work by measuring both volumes and time to process. When e5 was first implemented, a billing representative processed 162 requisitions per eight-hour shift – approximately one requisition every three minutes. Today, a billing representative can process 243 requisitions per eight-hour shift – approximately one requisition every two minutes – a 50% productivity improvement!

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e5 Systems Integration http://e5workflow.com/e5/e5-systems-integration-whitepaper/ http://e5workflow.com/e5/e5-systems-integration-whitepaper/#comments Tue, 06 May 2014 02:14:12 +0000 http://e5workflow.com/?post_type=portfolio&p=555 e5 has been providing system integration services to support e5 work management processes since 1989. Integration and extensibility are key considerations in our architectural choices and we endeavour to expose multiple interfaces for integration to accommodate different scenarios. In discussion with our clients regarding integration, more than one option is typically identified to engage with line of business systems for the exchange of information. Our approach is to mutually review capabilities to deliver a robust and cost effective solution to achieve the desired business outcome.

Download the white paper in higher resolution >


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e5 Implementation: Step by Step http://e5workflow.com/e5/e5-implementation-step-by-step-whitepaper/ http://e5workflow.com/e5/e5-implementation-step-by-step-whitepaper/#comments Tue, 06 May 2014 02:11:47 +0000 http://e5workflow.com/?post_type=portfolio&p=553 e5 is a packaged framework designed specifically for highly repetitive, time constrained processing with human intervention. The e5 solution is largely configured by selecting parameters which tailor it to fit your specific business processes. It can be set up and installed in a very short time using our proven Step by Step implementation.

Download the white paper in higher resolution >


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Certive Solutions Inc. (CSE: CBP) and e5 Workflow, Inc. Announce Strategic Technology Partnership http://e5workflow.com/news-events/certive-solutions-inc-cse-cbp-and-e5-workflow-inc-announce-strategic-technology-partnership/ http://e5workflow.com/news-events/certive-solutions-inc-cse-cbp-and-e5-workflow-inc-announce-strategic-technology-partnership/#comments Mon, 07 Apr 2014 09:30:11 +0000 http://e5workflow.com/?p=283 Scottsdale, Arizona – The Board of Directors and Management of Certive Solutions Inc. (the “Company or Certive”) and e5 Workflow Inc. (“e5 Workflow”) are pleased to announce a strategic relationship to develop unique workflow solutions for Certive. Certive’s solutions will be based on e5 Workflow’s proprietary LEAN thinking principles, delivered in a dashboard format incorporating intuitive mapping process software and will be targeted at the U.S. hospital market, specifically Certive’s focus on revenue lifecycle and recovery of denied insurance claims. These workflow solutions will enable Certive to achieve significantly greater capture rates on denied claims for its customers and hence greater revenue share with hospitals. The collaboration will be an ongoing process of improving the use of this software technology in the provision of Certive’s cloud solutions to its customers throughout the United States. e5’s Adaptive Business Workflow is particularly applicable to medical claims processing and medical billing, where the people process requires constant monitoring and improvement.

The enactment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) of 2010 is just beginning to affect the way healthcare organizations, such as U.S. hospitals operate. Significant focus on efficiency, forming collaborative health delivery models, and investing in lowcost, high-value technology solutions will be a key driver to ensuring hospital viability. e5 Workflow tools optimize people, processes, existing systems, data, documents, policies, and protocols. Certive’s objective, being to maximize recovery of insurance claims denied to hospital providers, will utilize e5 to analyze internal hospital processes thus improving, automating and controlling the re-engineered tasks, work, and processes for tomorrow.

e5’s platform is currently being used by 20 of the 25 healthcare payers in Australia and has significant credentialed depth in medical claims processing, medical billing, medical records and patient accounting and billing records, making the platform an ideal tool for Certive as new opportunities to improve financial performance become vital to hospital administration.

In the collaboration, e5 will develop workflow tools targeted at unique aspects of hospital revenue cycle management. Certive will own the rights to all solutions developed within the collaboration. The e5 platform will be the basis for all workflow tool development and accordingly, e5 will be compensated on commercial terms for the development work undertaken and periodic license payment as required to support the use of the platform within each workflow solution.

Certive recently announced its intention to acquire the assets of Titan Health Management Solutions, Inc. (“Titan”). Titan specializes in partnering with hospitals to enhance their revenue cycle management. The collaboration between Certive and e5 Workflow recently commenced with a detailed analysis of Titan’s workflow process and the data requirements to build a scalable and expandable workflow tool for use in denied claims management and revenue recovery. The goal objective is to design workflow processes that facilitate rapid scaling of Titan’s established presence in the denied claims recovery market.

Tony Mudie, President of e5 Workflow, stated that “the strategic partnership with Certive provides e5 with immediate access to the U.S. hospital market, a key segment for us. Insofar as we have a strong presence in healthcare in Australia and have developed medical billing workflow solutions in that market, we were seeking a viable entry into the U.S. market and this relationship provides that opportunity.”

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