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2019 e5 Coterie

October 17, 2019

The 2019 e5 Workflow Coterie was a huge success. Combining our annual get together of our customers, partners and selected visitors, with our 30th anniversary of our business' existence, the attendance and feedback has been  exceptional. read more

Cover-More, global operational unification

October 9, 2019

Today Cover-More is a major global insurer in the travel industry, the Group CIO, Nicki Doble talks about the strategy to unify operations and technology across the globe. read more

Service Level Achievement, keeping promises

September 8, 2019

SLA's are an organisations' way to measure how well it keeps it's promises, whether it be a new business application, a claim or a product change, with each customer engagement, the SLA is our commitment to helping the customer as expediently as we can, without reducing the quality. read more

Simplifying health insurance claims

August 26, 2019

Since 1998 e5 has been involved with creating streamlined member experiences with many of Australia's leading private health insurers. Utilising the e5 Workflow platform's automation capabilities, we've continuously focused on optimising the ways members interact with their insurer. read more

Value based payment – Revolutionising PHI

July 1, 2019

Value-based payment (VBP) is a concept that is driving transformation in the US healthcare market and has become more prevalent in discussions within the Australian Private Health Insurance (PHI) industry during the last couple of years, and may soon become an imperative for our country read more

Ansvar launches digital insurance platform

May 30, 2019

SSP Worldwide, e5's strategic technology partner, today announced the official launch of the Ansvar Insurance digital insurance transformation program. read more

2019 Health Insurance Summit

March 19, 2019

We are pleased to have partnered with Informa as part of the 2019 Health Insurance Summit, and invite our customers, partners and friends to attend and be part of the important discussions that is transforming the PHI industry. read more

Making the BPM case

January 7, 2019

All small and large organizations can benefit from improvement in improved customer satisfaction, increased efficiency with reduced costs in existing applications and processes, more employee satisfaction and transparent system of activities in the organization. If this is your case, then e5 Workflow Inc.’s business process solutions can help you achieve a set of product/services which provides a workflow structure to information and employees in order to streamline processes and improvement of performance. read more

Walking in their shoes

November 1, 2018

Customer experience is the key to ultimate success of an organization and enterprises have increased their expenditure in the last few years in order to help their customers align with the systems within the organization for example the teams that communicate with the customers directly whether it is sales, after-sales or customer service department. read more