When Have You Achieved Lean?

Many organizations are implementing Lean Systems to develop a competitive advantage, but then question if what they are doing is really Lean.

So how do you know when you have achieved Lean, what does Lean look like, and how do you get there?

Efficiency Works presenter, Glenn Seaby, and e5 Managing Director, Branko Kondic

On July 26, 2012, e5 sponsored a one day workshop to help their clients explore the history, insights and benefits of implementing Lean processes in services organizations.
Led by Efficiency Works co-founder and Director, Glenn Seaby, the workshop explored the foundations of Lean and its application within high human touch areas of services companies.
The interactive workshop provided the opportunity for participants to share their experiences implementing Lean processes within their organizations and included insights on opportunities, challenges and pitfalls.
The session covered value stream mapping, value versus non-value add activities, the concept of customer pull and managing toward perfection to deliver what customers want.
With a focus on continuous improvement and eliminating waste, Lean is also centered around improving business performance through efficient use of people in process.
From an e5 perspective, Lean thinking is central to the way e5 develops products and delivers services. We continuously strive to add value to enable our clients to streamline processes and reduce waste.
For more information on how e5 can help your organization maximize the benefits of implementing Lean processes and automating high human touch processes, please contact us.

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