Walking in their shoes

Customer experience is the key to ultimate success of an organization and enterprises have increased their expenditure in the last few years in order to help their customers align with the systems within the organization for example the teams that communicate with the customers directly whether it is sales, after-sales or customer service department. With the advent of digitization, there has been a significant improvement but they also need to be updated with their policies and awareness to attain perfection of customer satisfaction measures.
This might include analysis of customer sentiments that is being conveyed on social media platforms and might go unnoticed if these channels are not looked upon on hourly basis or use some tools to get notifications via email when you get a customer feedback or comment on one of your social media platforms. This transformation also needs a digital platform to achieve optimum speed in order to meet growing customer demands. Businesses should look at two important sources of information: experts in the field and knowledge mined from different types of data.
Proper decision making can be used to transform the above two knowledge sources to transform the customer experience. It further allows the business to make changes and assist the Customer Service team to resolve customer complaints in a short time.
6 ways businesses can improve customer service:

  • Manage multi-device experience for customers without any inconsistencies, where a customer can start an interaction with a customer service executive on web and continue that conversation on mobile.
  • Come across as a single company to the customer, as dynamic case management can have multiple cases from one department to another.
  • Make personalised interaction with customers. There is no one size fits all type of theory that works in customer service. Each customer is different and you need a different approach to tackle them according to the situation as and when they come.
  • Help Customer Service Executives. Businesses should equip and train the customer service executives so that they can provide efficient and effective service immediately.
  • Authorize the Business. The knowledge of business strategies at high level and policies that drive it is based on the experts’ knowledge. These experts need authorization to use their prior experience and knowledge and make possible changes to the policies.
  • All successful businesses have a balance between two sources of knowledge (knowledge from collected data and knowledge from experts). This is understood from the business policies drafted by experts, demographics or other type of data, information gathered from different social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. and moreover from the information gathered from different devices like mobile, desktop, connected home devices etc.

The whole idea behind improving customer service is more about improving the entire customer support system and not only customer satisfaction. In contemporary enterprises, the whole spectrum of intelligence for decision making in order to provide optimum customer service is given extreme importance and provide excellent customer service with the help of experts, research models from previous data and strategies that learn and adapt to changes in consumer behaviour or market dynamics. Consumer behaviour is studied from a long list of IOT devices (Internet of Things) that allows customers to interact with the service and service providers as well.