e5 Workflow Release Notes

Introducing Release Notes Hub!

e5 has partnered with Release Notes Hub to deliver a more intuitive and efficient process for tracking version releases. Never miss a new release with the new interactive, easy to navigate interface. It makes exploring new releases as simple as a couple of clicks. Watch the e5 and Release Notes Hub video for a quick tour!

A better user experience

With Release Notes Hub working as a central repository, you can find all you need to know about new releases in one easy to navigate location

Custom searches

You can search based on your role, the area of the product you want to view, or under a specific area such as features or bugs.

Leave Feedback

Interact with each release in a much more familiar format. You can like, dislikes and comment on each post.

Easier testing

Release Notes Hub allows you the ability to utilise the outputs to easily create test cases for your UAT testing.

For more information or to watch our Release Notes Hub tutorial, please enter your details in the contact form below.