Our Company

Many managers are expected to cope with increasing workloads and a shrinking workforce, so we created a configurable workflow platform with industry solution templates to help clients manage these high volumes and consistently deliver 30% increased productivity. This provides clients with visible operational control leading to improved customer service, reduced backlog, and lower costs.

With 30 years experience, e5 Workflow is the priority processing experts with solutions created on a singular platform for building new, and extended workflow process solutions while fully leveraging existing operational business systems and applications.

Capabilities cover Document Processing, Dynamic Case Handling and Enterprise Work Management across multiple industries. We are headquarted in Sydney, Australia and Owosso, Oklahoma, USA.
e5 Executive Team

Craig van Zeyl

Craig is the founder and CEO of e5 Workflow which he founded in 1989. Craig is a product innovator and passionate about developing operational solutions that are easily configured, scalable across functional ‘high human touch’ business boundaries and deliver rapid ROI. With over 30 years of software experience, Craig’s vision has been to ensure that business plays a key role in delivering technology solutions while IT manages the architecture and service delivery. This vision led to the creation of e5 Workflow.

Chris Wessels
Managing Director

Chris is the Managing Director of e5 Workflow. Chris’ earliest career was in aerospace when the software industry captured his interest 15 years ago. Joining the e5 team in 2004, starting as Senior Developer and the being promoted to CTO where he had responsibility for the product roadmap and incorporating the latest technological developments into e5. As Managing Director, Chris is an ardent proponent of developing high-quality, robust software tailored to deliver exceptional business process improvements for clients.

Michael Marshall
Managing Director US

Michael joined the company in 2015 as Managing Director of US and North American Territories. His background has been mostly in healthcare working on turnaround projects for operation, finance, and revenue cycle management in the for profit and non-profit sectors. Michael is a proponent of using data for better decision making and understanding of the complexities in daily management. While developing North American markets his other primary focus will be developing and enhancing the reporting data aspect of e5’s power.

Our customers save money and see a 30% improvement of their high-volume processes when they layer the e5 Workflow platform across their existing core transactional systems.

With improved insights and flexible control, customer service is improved with backlog and costs reduced.