RCM Priority Processing

Prioritize the next-best claim to work, automatically, so you can increase cashflow and team productivity. Take the burden and the guesswork out of prioritizing the next best claim to work so your team and business can grow. With e5 RCM Priority Processing, you will confidently work claims in the order that drives the most value for your organization.

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Looking for an outsourced billing service?

e5 Flex Outsourced RCM Billing services enable you to quickly supplement your internal, or external, RCM billing teams. Helping you capture denied claims revenue, get caught up, be more productive, and reduce DSO’s. Our clients typically see a 3X return when using Flex.

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How Priority Processing works

How our FLEX Billing Service works

Key steps for RCM success


Analyze data in a different way to identify operational priorities.


Model resources based on those priorities.


The “next best” claim to work is then provided to each team member automatically.


Analyze results and team productivity to optimize performance.

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