Making the BPM case

All small and large organizations can benefit from improvement in improved customer satisfaction, increased efficiency with reduced costs in existing applications and processes, more employee satisfaction and transparent system of activities in the organization. If this is your case, then e5 Workflow Inc.’s business process solutions can help you achieve a set of product/services which provides a workflow structure to information and employees in order to streamline processes and improvement of performance.
Business Process Management is the subset of Work management but you should not misinterpret BPM with BPMN as BPMN is a modeling and notation standard for efficient management of business processes. Many large scale organizations already have BPM systems in place. After a year or two of BPM being in use, employees are frustrated by the difficulty in changing processes. Due to this, an organizations’ agility and visibility and market response times take a beating. Compared to large organizations, smaller companies don’t usually have a BPM system and still rely heavily on emails, spreadsheets, messaging for work management.
Here we present the most important benefits of an efficient business process management:
Just simply cutting down budgets is not a good option anymore as companies are now leaner in response to global economic conditions as compared to a few years ago and now there is nothing left to cut down. But, in order to survive and make it to the next level, organizations need to increase the efficiency of costs they incur. Business Process Management is an optimum strategy to maximize cost efficiency. E5 Workflow’s processes help you build real time reporting and analysis so more teams can collaborate efficiently and get their projects done within budget to reduce costs by 30-50%.
Ease of Compliance
Changes to legislation and other factors have meant that companies without a flexible system for handling end-to-end compliance can incur great, unforeseen costs, both in reporting and penalties. Within BPM systems, companies can build compliance into their business practices if department-specific applications are integrated with the organization as a whole. We allow full integration with function-specific, 3rd party applications that are also tied to an organization-wide database. This makes it possible to produce automated reports that demonstrate compliance in a cost-efficient way.
Customer Centric
Savvy customers are demanding thorough proof-of-concept (POC) processes that document how their needs will be heard through self-service Web 2.0 capabilities. Business process management helps organizations to combine people with technology to acquire and retain satisfied customers and e5 Workflow lets organizations include any desired user, with easy-to-program security roles. This paves the way for ongoing, real-time collaboration with customers in a way that proves responsiveness, personalization, customization and access to information.
Employee motivation
Businesses usually try to maintain a rewarding environment where their staff feels satisfied and motivated to work harder. In order to do this there are business processes that are built specifically to motivate the employees and smart professionals who are not going to waste time or money on it. We at e5 Workflow motivate the staff with full transparency and satisfaction so that they can focus on their tasks while having access to all the information they require at one place and the team leads have visibility of what is going on and can manage their teams efficiently and get work done.